12" Green Touch Resistive Dokunmatik Cam
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              12" Green Touch Resistive Dokunmatik Cam

Outline(mm)   266 x 203
Viewing Area(mm)   254.2 x 191.6
Active Area(mm)   248 x 186
Interface Type   USB or RS232
Resolution   4096 x 4096
Screen Ratio   4:3
Material   Glass + Film
Certificates   CE, FCC, RoHS
Input method   Finger or touch pen
Position accuracy   2~5mm
Operating Voltage   DC ≤10V
Operating current   5~25mA
Response time   Less than 10ms
Touch action force   20~100g
Operating temperature   -10°C~60°C
Storage temperature   -40°C~70°C
Surface hardness   3H
Working environment   Under sunlight, indoor and outdoor
Transparency   ≥80%
Isolation resistance   ≥20MΩ DC 25V 
The number of hits   ≥35,000,000/point
Support Systems   Windows 2000/Windows XP/Win 7/ Win 8/Windows NT/Linux/Mac/Win10
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