18.5" EPC 10 Point Capasitive Dokunmatik Cam
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           18.5" EPC 10 Point Capasitive Dokunmatik Cam
Outline(mm) 44,5 x 27 cm
Viewing Area(mm) 41 x 23 cm
Technical Support EETI/WEIDA/ILITEK
Touch point 10 points
Touch method Finger,wear gloves,passive resistance touch pen.
Size Details reference to drawing
Transparency ≥90%
Haze <1%
Total thickness 2.0/2.7/2.9/3.9/4.9mm (detailsreference to drawing)
Cover glass thickness 1.1/1.8/3.0/4.0mm (detailsreference to drawing)
Durability More than 50 million single touches
Position accuracy ą1.5mm
Interface USB(stander),RS232(optional)
Report rate ≥100Hz
Operating system Windows XP/Windows7/Windows8/Linux/Android
Operating temperature -20-70 (Non-condensing)
Humidity RH<90%(Non-condensing)
Safety certificate CE,FCC,ROHS

Actual technical specifications depend on multiple design variables,

 including touch IC and The abovevalues are for reference only. 

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