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Independent Industrialists’ and Businessmen’s Association (MÜSİAD) is a “BUSINESSMEN’S ASSOCIATION” founded on May 5, 1990, in Istanbul, Turkey, by concerned businessmen dedicated to the realization of a Turkey where human rights and supremacy of the law, justice and equality, peace and security and the welfare and happiness of the people are guaranteed; where community and universal values that are adopted historically by the people are protected; and where the country is effective in the region and respected in the world.

MUSIAD with more than 11.000 members;

  • Representing approximately 60,000 businesses and employing approximately 1.6 million people,
  • Having 86 contact points in the country and transmitting the problems, opinions and suggestions of its members to the public institutions and organizations in place,
  • Serving a total of 181 points in 68 different countries abroad,

MÜSİAD is an active and strong "Civil Society Organization" which has become a model educational, guidance and consultancy center for other segments of the society as well as the business world, and places its applications and activities on the professional thinking.

Now, with our eMusiad.com trading portal, we aim to make it easy for all our members to reach each other and to increase trade among them. Whether it's millions of products and services sold by thousands of members operating in all sectors, whether it's a mobile application or a webpage, it's a click away. This portal, which will increase your national and international trade volume, will increase the awareness of your products and make them accessible. Our goal is to create a strong buying platform with the participation of all our members.

eMusiad.com's mission is; to increase the number of members who share the pre-determined principles and values, to improve the solidarity among the members and to contribute to the development of our country in the material and spiritual direction with the spirit of unity and cooperation which it provides within itself.